Online marketing brings us back to the roots of marketing


In order to understand your marketing plan and to carry out the SWOT analysis (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, dangers) of your brand, we listen and discuss in detail with you.

The SWOT analysis is required for defining your online marketing plan, which means nothing but the online application of marketing. Our benchmarking allows us to analyze your well-known competitors, as well as some new companies from the digital world too, who already apply the rule of online visibility perfectly.

Our digital strategy begins then: we set the goals for your brand, and their measurement indicators (KPI). The preparation and the prioritization of the objectives are an essential step to optimize the Buyer’s Journey and the conversion triggers.

Finally, we design an entire ecosystem of attractive and interactive media (websites, blogs, social networks) that appeal to both Google and the Internet user. We choose keywords and keyword phrases based on search queries and search trends to create an editorial calendar with topics and frequency of publications.

At the same time, we optimize your advertising campaign so that your brand quickly gains visibility. In view of the complexity of this changing process, we also intervene in the company to explain the challenges of digital transformation, especially the management of an online customer service, or customer acquisition through social media.


Using a part-time community manager to build and moderate the community around your brand is our core business, it also includes managing multiple community managers in the target countries for your international growth.

We begin with the incorporation into the company and the absorption of your digital strategy with the aim of developing a positive online reputation in the blogosphere. If desired, we do not hesitate to ask your teams to create and distribute content (texts, videos, photo reportages), to provide online customer service (customer service), or to moderate the contributions and comments of the users.

We then fill your social media channels every week, following our rule of the three thirds: ⅓ with our own themes, ⅓ with sales topics, ⅓ with external information, which we gain by monitoring your particular market.

In addition, we coordinate relationships with influencers (community managers, bloggers, YouTubers and journalists) and take care of advertising campaigns, the organization of contests and the search for sponsors.

Through our regular social media reporting, your digital strategy continues to evolve according to our recommendations and the analysis of the results.


In the context of international competition, digital is the key to global action


It is utopian to believe that social media is the new Eldorado


The inbound marketing method is considered to be the most modern and effective way for online lead generation.

The basic concept of a successful online market processing looks like this: interesting and relevant content is offered online for download, and the visitor activities are tracked and captured.

However, the preparation phase is very labor intensive: Before we can generate leads, we first create the buyer persona in collaboration with your sales, which is a picture of your ideal customer (profile, typical workday, media, leisure …)

Then we develop the necessary content (whitepaper, infographics, podcasts, videos, webinar …). The content should always forward a solution with a strong added value to one of the pain points of your persona.

Together with the community management and some online promotion, we enhance the visibility of these content and generate highly qualified traffic. In return for downloading your content, visitors fill out a contact form that is on the marketing automation platform. Then we are able to track the clicks and activities of your visitors and record the Buyer’s Journey.

The capture tool segments and qualifies the leads of your database with a scoring and sends out the corresponding personalized e-mails automatically. The developed and created workflow, which takes over the sending of the e-mails is designed in such a way that the information and arguments reaches the recipient at the right time, and finally convinces him.


Before starting any online marketing activities, it is important to convert your site into a dynamic ecosystem that will allow visitors to search for information and experience your brand environment.

Firstly, we review your digital project and then adjust the design and technology of your site, as the existing site is often unsuitable for implementing a comprehensive digital strategy.

We are designing 100% online marketing sites that are ready for use. With the agile method, we develop a minimal version of your site, to which we then gradually add new functions, considering your needs and goals.

To enable you to use the back-end, we organize a qualified and recognized training program in the area of blog administration social media, web-based CMS like WordPress, Drupal and Prestashop.

Next, we focus on the growth of organic and paid traffic. Organic traffic is created by the provision of content and thus means to write articles, to produce photo stories and short videos. Your brand can rely on our design studio to produce and publish viral content. We also manage press releases and press relations with journalistic partner platforms. Occasionally, contests and advertising campaigns can also be a good way to enhance product launch or promotion. To create buzz, we support your company with street marketing activities and live tweets during your event.


Content marketing is a key factor for success when it takes into account the requirements of the Buyer Persona and Google



« Thanks to Cybelimage and their great online monitoring tools we made significant progress from the very beginning. The responsiveness of the team matched perfectly with our specific business needs. »


« Thanks to the use of Cybelimage the visibility of PXcom has increased rapidly in the social networks. Within a month, the team was adapted to the tonality of our corporate communications and they presented a weekly effective web marketing plan. »


« The team of Cybelimage reacts quickly and with professional understanding of the problems of the individual business units. Social networks are seen as allies to conquer new markets, not an inexplicable riddle. »


« Cybelimage’s professionalism has convinced me and I am thankful that the team managed to position my company very successfully in its niche position. You can rely on their first class service, in matters like coordination, counseling and coaching. »


« Cardotech successfully use the global offer of Cybelimage to communicate in the digital world. Through Cybelimage´s training and their digital strategy, we are better positioned. »


« Within six months I was able to create a greater awareness via the community management of Cybelimage, so that more customers visited our restaurant and praised our activity on the social networks »

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