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According to legend, Cybele is one of the greatest Phrygian deities, the mother of the gods, the guardian of knowledge. We added the word “image” to create the word Cybelimage, a modern agency that makes the brands fit for the online world. The image is the starting point for the development of a society, the center of communication and acts as an identification for the teams.

With the emergence of social media, the Community Manager has assumed an important place as an influencer and virtual moderator. Agathe Cauchard and Philippe Weickmann joined forces in 2014 to found the first Community Manager Agency in France. The part-time activity and the multicultural aspect are a promising and attractive enrichment for the companies. On the one hand, outsourcing allows for a smooth online initialization within the company, without having to hire someone else for it. On the other hand, a virtual presence in the target countries is necessary to gain new markets abroad and to strengthen the credibility of the brand.

Awarded the French Tech Label in Bordeaux and supported by its innovative services from Unitec and the Technopole Bordeaux Montesquieu, Cybelimage is now recognized as a companion of the digital transformation of companies. As a Google, Facebook and Webmecanik partner and with its 3-member management team in Paris, Bordeaux and Brussels, Cybelimage is growing all over Europe.





Fascinated by the digital transformation for 25 years, I started my entrepreneurial career as a photo-porter for supraregional newspapers.

I love to travel and enjoy enriching encounters, which I experience during my agency travel and as Head of Business Intelligence. I observe consumer trends, market movements and social media tools. I advise our customers and give them suggestions to question the existing and to take on new online marketing approaches.

Together with Aquinum, I organize the regular e-commerce meeting in Bordeaux.



CEO and founder

With a high school diploma in linguistics and literary studies and a training as a make-up artist, I use my editorial skills and my creativity for my own blog as well as for our customers. With a Master of Science in Entrepreneurship and a second Master in Online Marketing, I also work out digital strategies and marketing studies.

During my employment in a marketing agency for key accounts, I could observe the change from print to online, and I decided to start an agency that primarily offers community management activities. This allows companies to start social media projects with external forces.

I welcome you in our agency to discuss your online marketing projects and a possible collaboration.



Chief Community Manager

With a passion for high-tech products and a passion for beautiful cars, I have been developing the online projects of our customers.

I have a master in design engineering and more than 10 years of agency experience as a marketing manager, and I follow the entire projects to observe the development, and make recommendations. In addition, I lead the international team of community managers and am your preferred contact in France.

I also teach in schools social media, web-based CMS such as WordPress, Drupal and Prestashop, as well as online collaboration tools to the new generations.

Our multicultural community manager,

build a powerful network of partners present in each target country

Isabelle, Community Manager in Madrid

« I am honored to be the ambassador of Cybelimage in Spain and to take on the international challenges for well-known brands like Maisons du Monde »

François, Community Manager in Dusseldorf

« As an inbound marketing consultant in Germany, I work with Cybelimage to build and moderate German communities »

Tiffany, Community Manager in San Francisco

« Increasing the popularity of a European brand in the US with my French partners at Cybelimage is an incredible experience »

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